Chapter 8: Ravenloft Will Fall and They Will Rise.

The Players Come Into Their Roles

The Crash

Due to the chaotic nature of the world, the adventurers were having trouble keeping the Phoenix aloft. With nature itself seemingly wanting to destroy them every second, the Phoenix let out a final spurt of power. The flying machine went down. Snow and hail swirled around them and lightning flashed right next to their faces. The Phoenix crashed into the ground, throwing the adventurers in different directions from the burning corpse of the craft. Aiden received a vision in his unconscious state, informing him that there was little time remaining before a great calamity would befall Ambitus.

When they came to, the group commandeered a carriage that would take them directly to Ravenloft. They arrived at the town gates, only to find that the carriage was going to be searched by the Order of the Blood Knights. The group managed to knock them out with little trouble.

Once they reached the town square, they witnessed a man, known as the Voice, telling the nature of the TRUE Ambitus, and how the Order of the Blood Knights would cleanse the Serpent Coil of the non-believers. The adventurers tried to fight their way through the crowds and Blood Knights, but were forced back to the polluted waterway, and knocked in, unconscious. While they were floating, they were found and whisked away by an unknown group of paladins to a secret underground location.

The Chase, and an Unexpected Reunion

The group, led by *Viknas*, told the group about what had transpired in their time away from the city. The Order of the Blood Knights had come in and taken power in the city. They were led by the Voice, The Mouth, and the Hand. Viknas told them to seek out some gifted resistance members around the city in order to take down the Order. Viknas also informed them that they had found one more person recently, who had passed out due to some sort of toxin in the water supply. The group found that it was Salvior, who had vanished before the quest into Silver Reach.

One such gifted person was Rotface. They found him in the highest class brothel in Ravenloft, with many, MANY women surrounding him. They attempted to reason with him, Rotface decided he was finished with their words and jumped out the window and tried to run away. The group figured that they would chase him, but Brazeloin informed them that he had slipped a toxin into Rotface’s drink, meaning they would have to catch him before he slipped into a state of living death. The few of them that could leap from rooftop to rooftop managed to catch up with him, and wrestle him to the ground, forcing him to listen to their proposal. He agreed to join their mission and went back to the base with them.



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