Chapter 3: The Heroes Gambit

The Wayside Tavern

The group has been temporarily splintered. Glimfarn, Madeus, Octavar, and Aiden proceed to leave Rockfall and move on to find the Alchemist’s brother. While Brazeloin decided to stay behind and learn the teachings of the Alchemist.

The traveling group eventually makes their way into an old abandoned tavern. They were awoken in the middle of the night by a traveling merchant. The merchant was after a criminal named Gambit and enlisted the help of our heroes to catch him. They first needed to locate the criminal in the area. Glimfarn and Octavar scouted the area and Glimfarn discovered footprints that lead to a door beneath the tavern. They cautiously made their way down to the dungeon and noticed a small gnome sitting around a fire in a room below them.

After Glimfarn gracefully glided across the gap and placed the board over so the others could cross. Gambit discovered them and instead of fighting revealed that he wasn’t the target, but that the adventurers themselves were the ones being hunted. Then just as soon as the betrayal was revealed, Gambit escaped down a hole and the group were attacked, yet again, by orcs. They fought them off with ease and Octavar finished off the last one as he tried to escape.

The group moved on and found themselves with two ways to go. They decided to go left and fell for a a trap. They fell down a flight of stairs and fell into a pit of bones. Then out a hole came ten dire rats and the group fought them all off. They searched around and found some gold and a ring. They went the other way and saw a strange skeleton floating toward them. Unfortunately, it was actually a gelatinous cube. They tried to retreat and set a trail of fire to burn the cube but it broke through, and Madeus was devoured by the beast. The others eventually killed the cube and Madeus barely came out with his life.

The adventurers then entered through a collapsed wall into what appeared to be an underground lake. Before they could do anything about passing through, the players were faced with yet another trial; this time it was a water elemental. It took a while, but the aqueous monster was finally beaten. Since the only way out was swimming they had to find a way out without drowning. They discovered a boat behind a stalagmite. Madeus and Aiden sat in the boat, while Glimfarn and Octavar tried to guide it through the rapids. They eventually made their way to a small outcropping in the middle of the lake and found Gambit sitting there.

He told them that they had a bounty on their heads from the orcs and he would meet us in Ravenloft and help us with our little orc problem. So they escaped the dungeon and later killed the merchant and got some very nice fake silver spoons. And so the trek toward Ravenloft ensued….


“After Glimfarn gracefully glided across the gap…” I can still remember the swan-like grace of our half-elven friend as he leaped across the fissure. Good times, eh?

Chapter 3: The Heroes Gambit

Gracefully gliding…? XD Im glad he has good jump!

Chapter 3: The Heroes Gambit

Your welcome lol

Chapter 3: The Heroes Gambit

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