Chapter 12: Ambitus Will Fall

The Last Days

After 9.5 years of the heroes being on their own, a scroll appeared in front of each hero, asking them to meet Brazeloin at the Hall of Ravenloft. He had dire things to discuss with them as a group.

As they started to arrive at the Hall, Brazeloin appeared in front of them through a communications crystal. He told the group that he had learned something during his time apart from them… Ambitus was dying. Something had gone wrong through history and the world they had fought so hard to save was going to break and die. Though he didn’t know the cause or when this cataclysm would occur, he told them that the signs of decay had already started, and that land had started disappearing over to the west. Whole villages had broken away and fallen off the edge of the world. The Heroes took it upon themselves at that moment to trek to the World’s Well and try to use the legendary wishes it granted to save Ambitus, once and for all.

The group then separated again to continue their self-imposed exiles.

One day, as the 10 year period came to a close, Madeus had finally discovered the location of the Tomb of Fatum Carver. As he made his way down into the depth of the tomb, he was met by a welcome sight, Brazeloin. Brazeloin had come to the conclusion that the tomb was somehow connected to the sudden decay of Ambitus, and had come there seeking answers. The two of them worked their way down the stairs, descending further and further into the bowls of the earth. When they came to the bottom, they saw a single tomb in the middle of a large room. Candles light the walls, and they saw banners with the sigil of Chiron, and Fatum Carver. The two carefully approached the tomb, and with their combined strength, pried the lid off. Their worst fears had been finally realized. There was no body of Fatum Carver in the tomb. It had seemingly never been occupied. What was inside, however, was an ancient sword and cloak. Madeus recognized them as relics of Fatum Carver himself, his ancient sword that could call upon the thunder of heaven, and his cloak that allowed him to soar above his enemies. Madeus took them as his own, vowing to bring a body back for the tomb.

Upon leaving the crypt, they were met by a young man, named Nathaniel Fornlorne, who bore a message for the both of them from General Salvior. He had requested their presence at the Northern Front. The two of them then gathered their belongings and made their way north.


Glimfarn and his trusty badger, Oi, were making their way up the Serpents Coil mountains outside Ravenloft. They had received a summons from Aiden to meet. As the duo worked their way up the mountain, all of Nature seemed in disarray. Wild animals had been making their way into the cities and terrorizing the natives. Birds were becoming increasingly quiet. Flowers refused to bloom. Glimfarn knew something was wrong in the world, but couldn’t put his finger on it. Without warning, 3 bears barreled out of the trees in front of them and immediately tried to kill the duo. Glimfarn, who had been honing his skills for the last decade, immediately notched 3 arrows and loosed them into the attacking bears. Oi jumped into action as well, and they took down the attackers in moments.

With great remorse for killing these creatures of the forest, the dynamic duo continued up the mountain. They finally arrived at Aiden’s front door, and knocked on the door. They were met by the friendly face of Aiden himself, with his raven, Tiki, perched on his shoulder. As he ushered him inside, a man was spotted approaching the tower. Aiden readied a fireball spell to incinerate the target, but the man held up his hand as a sign of peace. He handed the both Heroes a scroll, noting that it was from General Salvior, requesting their presence in the North.



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