Chapter 11: The Legend of the Fallen Heroes

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Salvior Scorned

Tale of Madeus

Here begins the tale of Madeus. He awoke in Purgatory, his faith and righteousness having spared him the fiery torment of the depths. Upon noticing his surroundings, he realized he was trapped in a cage on some sort of ship. A voice next to him asked him who he was, and how he got there. This turned out to be a wise old sage named Aristotle. He hears the nonsensical babbling of someone in a cage next to him, and realizes that it’s his friend Aeduinn from his youth. Madeus gets him to speak coherently long enough to learn that they are on a swirling sea vortex on a ship piloted by the guardian of the River Styx, Charon. Using the power of his faith and his immense strength, Madeus frees himself of his cage and retrieves his battle gear.

The path to the bridge of the ship was blocked, guarded by denizens of purgatory, to prevent him from making his escape. Madeus fought them bravely, defeating many fierce foes on the different levels of the ship until he reached the open air. He peered over the edge of the ship and saw the black waters of Styx swirling and violently roaring around the boat, as it continued it’s eternal journey.

A bellowing laugh rang out from behind him. Charon, the ferryman of the River Styx, was staring at Madeus, his weapons at the ready. Charon charged at Madeus, and the two began a battle of epic proportions. It was the toughest foe Madeus had ever faced, but he managed to continue to hold his own against the Immortal demi-god of Hell. As the two fought, demon reinforcements flooded the deck, while the captives down below broke free and fought the demons away. Finally, Madeus managed to knock Charon off his guard, and with a swift strike, severed the ferryman’s right arm clean off. As Charon doubled over in pain, he swore a vendetta against Madeus and the other Paladin who had taken his leg years before.

The ferryman disappeared into a puff of smoke, defeated. He reappeared at the ship’s helm and tried to regain control of the craft as it spiraled into the maw of the maelstrom. As Madeus returned to the edge of the boat, he knew what must be done. The rest of his friends were somewhere deeper in Hell, and they would be powerless to save themselves if he didn’t intervene. Steeling his nerves, he said a quick prayer to Chiron, pulled down his visor, and with a running start, leapt off the side of the boat as it approached the center of the vortex. He fell, and fell, and continued to fall, until he saw a faint light. Pulling his arms to his side, he gathered speed and broke through the barrier separating Purgatory and the second layer of Hell: Lust, where Glimfarn awaited.

Tale of Glimfarn

Tale of Octavar

Tale of Aiden

Tale of Salvior

Tale of Brazeloin

The Stone Stepper, now resting in the bowels of Pride and Vanity, had ignited a civil war among the Demons and Devils of Hell.

Brazeloin had, due to the nature of his upbringing, ended up in the deepest reaches of Pride and Vanity. He had been taken by Molrem The Mystic. His end goal was to use the divine powers of Brazeloin to breach the layers of Hell and make his escape. He forced Brazeloin to create a massive mithral golem for his use. Molrem had come into possession of a Moonstone that, after being filled with the holy power of Pelor, allowed him to control the golem and try to break out of hell. The Heroes breached the separating layer and crash landed in Pride and Vanity. They fought through hordes of demons and test golems before freeing Brazeloin from his torment. The group then ascended the Tower of Babble. They found that Salvior himself and his father (he had found in Hell) had been locked in a fierce battle of skill with the Mystic, his old master of the magick artes. They were forced to fight those under the sway of the Mystic, as Salvior managed to push his master to the brink of death.

The Mystic reveals to the group that his spell had succeeded in returning his body to it’s living state, allowing him to escape Hell and return to Ambitus. Salvior manages to wrestle the Black Staff of Boccobb from his master, before the old man revealed his true form of a Mind Flayer. The beast killed Salviors Father, which pushed Salvior to his breaking point. He took the staff and sealed the soul of the Mystic in it before pushing his body off of the tower. Madeus then managed to purify the fathers soul and sent him to paradise to be with his mother.

The group, finally reunited, descended form the tower, and continued to move through the chaos of Hell itself.

The Triumphant Return

The heroes set out to find the fallen Stone Stepper and use it to return to the land of the living. While they searched, they came upon the ruins of an old city.

Into the Maw of the Beast

Evil Revealed

The Return



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