Chapter 1: The Burning Plague

Duvic Saved

Well first off any outsiders looking in on this adventure The Burning Plague is not an STD.

This is the adventure that started it all.

It starts in the town of Duvic, a little mining town that seems very quiet until the disappearances of several miners in the town and a mysterious plague that is slowing killing the townspeople. A group of wannabe heroes rise to the challenge and even though they are all different and come from many walks of life they decide that it would be best if they all team up so they can all survive.

This group includes Glimfarn, Octavar, Aiden, and Madeus. So the group got supplied and headed into the mine. They noticed it was too dark to see and tho only lighting they had were a few torches. Luckily, Octavar was a dwarve and could see well in dark rooms. While the rest of the group stayed by the entrance, Octavar searched the hallway and rooms for danger. When he called back that it was safe the rest of the group entered the room and examined everything. After almost triggering a trap they discovered an interesting stone that could be useful later. They noticed there were two paths and decided to go left first. They came to a wooden door and heard what sounded like gibberish.

They had Octavar sneak in and when he saw the most fearsome creatures in all the Serpent Coils…kolbolds. He threw the stone and it deafened them and afterward he ran outside and the battle began. The heroes killed all but one and Madeus chopped his hands off and he ran away. They then tried to interrogate the beast, but he was still deaf. They just killed it and decided to camp in this room for the night.

They checked out the locked room the next morning and found out it was just a closet. As they were searching a dire weasel attacked Aiden and the group had to save him quickly. They hit it with everything they could, and after what seemed like forever the beast died.

So they headed back and went the other way. They came into the room and it was a huge cavern with no way to go but up. Unfortunately, Madeus and Aiden were not very good climbers so they decided to have Glimfarn and Octavar climb up the wall and lower rope down to the other two. As Madeus and Aiden were climbing up, Glimfarn heard a strange sound across the hallway. Let the battle begin!

It was another group of kolbolds, but this time they had a leader that was a sorcerer of some kind. The group killed the leader first and then slowly took out the rest of the puny kolbolds. Aiden discovered a hidden door and the group explored it. Inside were two baby kolbolds and a bunch of other things. The group concluded that this was the kolbold hideout. Octavar and Glimfarn thought they should kill the kobolds, but Madeus being the “holy warrior” that he is decided that it would not be the right thing to do. The group discovered a fancy magic cloak and a strange potion.

They headed into the next room which was just filled with several bodies of miners and kolbolds. All of a sudden a hand reached out of the ground and grabbed Glimfarn by the foot. Then several zombies came up from the ground and the group was forced to fight again. They defeated the zombies easily, but now they all had the plague.

They walked into the next room and saw the evil orc causing all the trouble with the town. Madeus drank the potion and it made him grow exponentially. He then threw the orc off his perch and with multiple wounds he died and cursed the group with his dying breath. After his death the plague virtually disappered and Glimfarn, Madeus, Aiden, and Octavar were on their way to becoming true heroes.



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