2 Salvior (Kalec Laurderon)

A half-elf sorcerer heir to the North


Salvior (born Kalec Laurderon) was born in the small mountain village of Ardlow to a human father and a full-elf mother. His mother Arionnana was a devoted housewife and his father Keshfar (orphaned at a young age and adopted by elves) was a respectable black smith. At a young age, Kalec showed an unusual knack for displaying strange abilities that his father constantly stifled. These “strange abilities” turned out to be magic. His mother knew her son had been born with strange powers but knew that her husband wanted nothing to do with magic (since an evil sorcerer had killed both of his birth parents). Keshfar showed his son the trade of blacksmithing and taught him that anything can be achieved through hard work.

A couple years have gone by. At the age of 8, Kalec’s mother was killed by a band of outlaw goblin bandits from the southern reaches of Ambitus who tried to rob the house while he and his father were out of town collecting supplies. All that Kalec had left to remember her by was the emerald necklace that she always wore. From that day forward, the necklace never left his sight.

Since Arionnana’s death, the village had fallen on hard times. In order to survive, Kalec’s father had turned to making weapons and selling them to shady individuals on the black market. Kalec wished his father would stick to the “honest” work that he was taught instead of selling out to a bunch of low-life criminals.

On the day of Kalec’s 11th birthday something happened that would change the course of his life forever. A large group of soldiers came from the northern kingdom and invaded the village. The entire village erupted in a giant fireball. Men, women and children were slaughtered by the dozens. A group of them entered the shop searching for Keshfar. Apparently, he had promised the general a special sword made of the toughest metal in Ambitus, but instead, his father wasted away the money on women and liquor. The general came in and demanded the sword. When Keshfar could not present the sword, the general ran his blade through him. In a fit of unbridled rage, Kalec took up his father’s sword and killed five soldiers. Two other soldiers were about to strike him down, but the general stopped them. He saw incredible potential in this boy. He decided to spare his life and bring him back to the northern kingdom and train him to be a powerful warrior.

After burying his father and observing the crater that used to be his home village, Kalec set off for the desert kingdom of the north. Nine years have passed and Kalec became one of the most powerful soldiers that the north had ever seen. Kalec rose to the rank of second in command of the entire military. He also gained the admiration of the northern kingdom’s ruler, King Elidin. At the age of 14, Elidin cared for Kalec like he was his own son. Because of this, Kalec lived comfortably in the lap of luxury. But there was one person who was even more enamored with Kalec than the king. The king’s trusted advisor (known simply as “The Mystic”) had seen since the first day that Kalec had incredible magical potential.

One day, The Mystic approached Kalec and informed him of the magic capability that he had sensed and that he can help him realize his potential. The Mystic led him to his tower and showed him the ways of sorcery. At that moment, a part of Kalec that had been censored by his late father had burst forth like a dragon from the deep reaches of a mountain, flying care free through the sky.

Only two months had gone by and already Kalec had mastered all of the basic abilities of a sorcerer. The Mystic helped him realize the potential that was deep inside of him. However, because of these secret “lessons”, Kalec now had to juggle two lives; his new life as a sorcerer as well as his current life as a soldier. As hard as he tried to keep both of these radical lifestyles separate, it was apparent that the overlap was starting to show. This was observed by both of Kalec’s trusted friends: Leatherstrap and Ernae.

Leatherstrap is a lieutenant for the Northern Army. He gained his nickname because of an encounter he had in the southern tropics. While on a campaign, their camp was ambushed in the dead of night by the Southern Resistance. The Resistance’s leader unleashed his “pet” dire bear on Leatherstrap. Surprisingly, he was able to fight off the bear, but it cost him his left eye. Eventually, the Northern Army proved victorious over the Resistance. As reparation, Leatherstrap killed the dire bear single handedly. He then tanned its hide and fashioned it into a brown leather eye patch.

Ernae was a rogue assassin. A soldier-for-hire from the land of Ferraria, she was hired by the king himself to assassinate influential leaders from the lands that they sought to conquer. She was an incredibly skilled fighter in all forms of combat; she also had a charm that men literally “died for.”

The three of them had become inseparable. So it came to no surprise that when Leatherstrap and Ernae noticed the changes that were happening to Kalec, they sought to find out why their friend was behaving so strangely.

Since The Mystic had taken Kalec under his wing, Kalec’s bouts of rage became more and more severe. He became even more violent and blood-thirsty in battle and became extremely irritable outside of battle. Little did Kalec know, The Mystic was slowly poisoning his mind.

The Mystic was actually an evil sorcerer that was manipulating Kalec for his own ill purposes. Extremely well-versed in evil magic, his specialties are necromancy and mind control. The Mystic’s goal was to kill King Elidin so that he could become King. Once he had done so, he would rule the entire North, and eventually the entire continent of Ambitus through fear and mind control. In addition to this, The Mystic sought the resources of the North in order to seek something of great power that was supposedly buried under the sands of the desert. Ancient texts spoke of this treasure. However, these resources have been lost to antiquity. But whatever the object was, it was either of immense value or power because The Mystic lusted for it. All he needed was to kill the King; and what better way to do it than by having the king’s beloved “son” to the deed!

After another month of training Kalec, The Mystic finally put his plan into action. Under the shine of a blood-red moon, The Mystic cast his hypnotic gaze upon Kalec and convinced him that the King was no good. That he was a greedy and selfish man who cared nothing for the Northern Kingdom and only for his own desires. He then convinced Kalec that he was far superior than his impostor of a “father.” He tells him that he “foresaw” Kalec as the ruler of the Northern Kingdom (and eventually all of Ambitus). All he had to do was stab the King with his sword, and ultimate power would be his.

Kalec soon entered the bed chambers of the King. He slowly approached him, drew out his sword and stared at the King. His rage was growing with each breath that he took. Finally, his rage had reached its climax, he let out a deafening roar, raised his sword above him and thrust the sword into the King. After stabbing him about 25 times, something stopped Kalec dead. He gazed into the hilt of his sword. The shine of the blood red moon shone into the emerald (that once belonged to his mother) that was welded into his golden Sword of the North. He saw his mother. He then heard her voice crying out to him, telling him to stop the madness and open his eyes. She told him that The Mystic had been manipulating his mind and that it was actually him who was trying to become King.

Kalec then fell to his knees, let out a cry of anguish and broke free of The Mystic’s mind control. Once he had done so, he had opened his eyes, and saw his mother standing over him. Openly weeping, he reached out to touch her, but then she soon vanished. Kalec then turned his attention to the slain King. Looking at the horribly butchered corpse, Kalec turned every ounce of rage he had in his soul and channeled it all toward The Mystic. Kalec had now lost two father figures in his life… it’s time for payback.

He raced out the bedroom doors, drawing the attention of the guards as he went. They saw Kalec’s bloody sword and soon found the slain King. Once they put two and two together, they knew Kalec was the culprit. Within a matter of minutes, news of the King’s murder spread throughout the entire city. One thing was for certain: Kalec was a dead man.

He climbed up the thousands of steps into The Mystic’s keep. Surprised that Kalec broke free of the mind control, the evil sorcerer engaged Kalec in a magical duel. Kalec launched spell after spell… but to no avail. The Mystic was simply too powerful. The Mystic then launched a curse, but it missed. The Mystic then tried to cast mind control upon Kalec, however, The Mystic experienced something that he never thought possible; Kalec fought back… with his mind. The two were locked in a mental duel. The Mystic used his powers of dark magic, deceit and treachery to try and overpower Kalec. However, the young sorcerer used the love for his friends, The King, his father and finally his mother (coupled with his rage) to overpower The Mystic and win the mental duel.

Both of them shot back against opposite corners of the room. Kalec then heard the voice of his father shout “KALEC, DRAW UP YOUR SWORD AND FINISH HIM!!!” Kalec then noticed his sword was glowing. It was pulsating with a power he had never felt before. He raised it up and pointed it at The Mystic. The old, decrepit man saw his demise before him and used every ounce of his power to save himself. Both of them let out a giant scream and magical energy sprang forth from the old man’s black twisted staff and Kalec’s Sword of the North. The beams of light would not budge. Then, out of nowhere, an owl swooped into the room and started pecking at the old man’s head. Kalec seized his opportunity. The owl moved out of the way and Kalec fired a beam from his sword that hit The Mystic square in the chest. Bright light erupted and The Mystic, screaming in horror, soon disintegrated. The battle was over.

Kalec then befriended the owl that came to his aid. From that day on, the two of them would have a bond that would never break. He named the owl Winston. No sooner had they bonded, Kalec felt the tower shake vigorously. The battle between him and The Mystic was causing the tower to collapse. Kalec had no choice but to jump several stories to the ground below. However, Kalec was now a sorcerer. He cast a spell of levitation upon himself and glided out the window. However, 2/3 of the way down, the spell wore off and Kalec plummeted full force onto the ground. Luckily, Winston flew off to safety. Kalec stood up and watched The Mystic’s tower collapse. This awesome sight distracted him from the giant behemoth that was charging right toward him.

Leatherstrap yelled for Kalec and told him that he was now wanted for the murder of the King. He asked Kalec if it was true. Kalec enlightened him as to the dark details that transpired that night. Leatherstrap then informed his friend that there was a bounty placed upon his head; a price that ANY assassin could not refuse. No sooner had he said this, Ernae showed up out of the shadows.

She was no longer his friend. The Kalec that she knew died when he stabbed his sword into the King. As far as she was concerned, he was just another job. Kalec tried to explain what happened, but it was useless. Ernae pulled out her daggers and headed straight for him. He retaliated by casting a non-lethal magic missile at her; which pushed her back against a building and knocked her out cold.

Leatherstrap stood still and looked at his friend. It was apparent that Kalec had in fact changed. He knew that his dear friend was no longer safe in the home that he had grown to love. He explained to Kalec that he would escort him out of the city and told him that he needed to flee to the south for safety. Once outside the city, Kalec was hereby exiled from the Northern Kingdom and would be seen as a cold-blooded, murderous traitor for the rest of his days.

Kalec and his goliath friend ran through the city, trying to avoid the chaos and the countless number of soldiers out on the streets. After hours of fleeing, the two of them made it to the city gates. Leatherstrap and Kalec hugged each other and parted for the last time; both with tears in their eyes.

A year went by, the King was replaced by a successor, Leatherstrap was promoted to the head of the Northern Army and Ernae scoured all of Ambitus to search for Kalec. After a year of searching, she was torn by anger and grief because of her former friend. She swallowed her pride and anger and returned to Ferraria. Kalec on the other had sought refuge in the region of Ambitus called “The Serpent Coil.” He vowed to never raise his sword in battle ever again. He wanted to leave his old life as a warrior behind him and start over as a sorcerer. He also gave up his name of Kalec Laurderon. The rest of his life, he would seek to test his strength and one day hope to be forgiven of his horrible crimes. He sought a road to salvation. This pursuit led him to craft his new identity… Salvior.

One day, Salvior was climbing up a steep cliff face with his companion Winston when he slipped and fell. He nearly fell to his death when all of a sudden a torrent of water came up from the river below him and lowered him down to safety. He looked around to see the cause of this, and out from behind a boulder, an old man appeared. He was an old sorcerer with a white staff that looked somewhat similar to The Mystic’s. His name was Molrem. He sensed Salvior’s power from nearly three miles away. He offered to help Salvior unlock his further potential as well as possibly enlighten him as to the ways of Molrem’s specialty… elemental spell casting.

Over the course of the next three years, Molrem became the mentor that Salvior desperately needed. He taught him numerous things about magic, but most of all, he taught him to control his dangerous level of anger. He did not silence it, but rather, he taught Salvior to channel it into his postures and incantations. He taught Salvior the virtues of peace and patience (which were incredibly crucial during meditation).

Salvior lived with Molrem in his dwelling in the mountains 5 miles outside of Ravenloft. Even though he spent most of his time in the wilderness, Salvior had spent the majority of his life as a city dweller. While in Ravenloft, he became somewhat of a womanizer and soon adopted a characteristic that took root while living under the care of the late King Elidin… vanity. Salvior prided himself in looking the best that he possibly could. He wore the most extravagant clothes and kept as neatly groomed as he possibly could.

Molrem took note of these rapid swings of behavior and stressed even more to keep his radical behaviors in check. He warned that if he did not keep these vices in check, (especially vanity) he will pay for it one day….

Salvior kept his Sword of the North locked up in a bank vault in the city. He vowed never to use it unless desperate times called for it… he hoped that it would never come to that.

One day, while training under a waterfall, he thought he sensed the power of The Mystic. Concerned, he confided in Molrem who suggested that Salvior travel all over Ambitus to seek the source of what was causing these stirrings. Salvior thanked his humble teacher.

This unknown power first drew Salvior to the trading post of Rockfall. When he reached the city, it looked like a bomb had gone off, the town square was a giant crater and the giant tower that stood near it was in shambles. He asked the townspeople of what happened and they told of a group of adventurers who saved their town from an oppressive guard captain named Hadrian.

Salvior continued to sense this strange power. But as he travelled, he realized that it was not The Mystic that he was sensing; but something far stranger and much more powerful. Half-way through the Serpent Coil, the trail ran cold. Defeated, Salvior and his owl companion Winston returned to Ravenloft. He decided to grab a drink at one of the ritzier “watering holes” in the city. No sooner had he sat down with his drink, the door of the establishment opened and a bunch of strange adventurers walked in. The same power that he was sensing before immediately rushed back. Could this be the source? Salvior talked to the group and decided to join their efforts. After an air of doubt, Salvior soon befriended Madeus, Glimfarn, Octavar, Aidan, and the canteen-toting cleric Brazeloin.

In the following weeks, Salvior seemed to slip away at times from the group. This was mainly because he was being plagued my his habits of vanity and the constant desire to train in isolation in order to become a more powerful sorceror. When he wasn’t enslaved by his vices, he was travelling along with his rag-tag group of cohorts. Eventually, they reached a mountaintop overlooking an orc village. Salvior found out that the group had met up with an individual known only as “Gambit” and that they agreed to help squelch an uprising by decimating the village below. After this was done so, a portion of the mountainside gave way and found that they were trapped. They soon found their way into the mountain. Eventually a group stumbled upon a room where the legendary “5 Heroes” apparently stayed in. They slept there that night and heard strange voices in their dreams. In Salvior’s dream, he stood in the middle of the desert outside of the Northern Kingdom. In his left hand, he held a a ball of energy and in the other, his sword. In the distance, he saw the figure of a man standing in the distance. The man then seemed to sink into the sand in which he was standing on. Salvior then woke with a start. Salvior then heard the group talking about Kazeer Capital, one of the 5 original heroes. Salvior then remebered the tales of Kazeer that were told to him when he was a child growing up in the royal courts of the Northern Kingdom.

The group then pressed onward through the rest of the mountain and eventually came face to face with a terrifying hydra. Never had Salvior encountered a challenge such as this. This was a perfect opportunity to test his skills. The battle seemed to drag on for quite some time. After almost dying at the hands of the beast, the group pulled through somehow. After collecting a small bounty of treasure, the group then seemed to go up a strange elevator shaft and found themselves on a mountain top. As the group explored it further, Salvior accidentally wandered away from the group. As he was walking, he accidentally fell down a snow-covered hole. He let out a scream, but was covered up by falling snow; the group did not hear it at all. The remaining 5 adventurers wondered what happened to Salvior but knew that they had to press on. They had a feeling that Salvior would be all right since he has slipped away numerous times before and has always come back.

After falling down the hole, Salvior found himself sliding down a shoot which led to the base of the mountain. Knowing that there was no way to climb back to his friends, Salvior decided to set up camp for the night. Salvior had a horrible nightmare. He recounted the events of the fateful night in the Mystic’s tower and the slaying of King Elidin. Instead of defeating the Mystic, the Mystic was on the verge of killing him. Salvior could hear not only the laughter of his teacher, but also the hideous, high-pitched laughter of the Mystic’s familiar Vondarbar (who was actually killed 3 months prior to the confrontation).

Salvior woke up with Vondarbar’s laughter still ringing in his ears. Salvior then received a telepathic link from Molrem telling him to return to Ravenloft immediately… something was wrong… horribly wrong. Salvior told Winston to head up the mountain and locate Madeus, Octavar, Brazeloin, Glimfarn and Octavar. Once they were located, Winston was to stay near them at all times and then was to report what was happening via a telepathic link.

As Salvior was about to begin his arduous journey back to Ravenloft, his master somehow appeared out of nowhere. Salvior soon learned that Molrem had the ability to apparate. He only does so in extreme emergencies; not to mention he could not do as frequently due to his old age. Molrem explained that time was of the essence and that Molrem would escort Salvior back himself. Salvior latched onto his master’s arm and apparated. He soon found himself standing outside of Holbold’s Craft in Ravenloft.

Molrem explained that even more killings were occuring and that a terrifying being known as “The Butcher” was also contributing to the chaos that was tearing Ravenloft apart. The two sorcerors retreated to the mountains. Molrem knew that something cataclysmic was going to happen. Molrem has the ability to see into the future. He knew Salvior was destined for greatness and that fate would bring the young warrior and sorcerer to him. After months of contemplation, he knew that he must tell Salvior the truth.

Molrem told Salvior all of the truths that he was hiding. He told Salvior about he knew about all of the events of his entire life and that he would one day cross paths with Molrem. He revealed that he was in fact the Mystic’s brother and that he knew that fate would entrust Salvior’s training to Molrem. He also told of how even though his brother was dead, he and Salvior would be destined to cross paths for a second time. Also, he told that Salvior’s five friends would return to Ravenloft by a “flight” of sorts and that once they arrive, a chain of events, once set in motion, would alter the course of Ambitus forever. Molrem then assisted Salvior in training him; pushing his body and mind beyond the limits of mortal endurance.

The two trained constantly under the nearby waterfall (for some reason, Salvior always found himself to be most at peace whenever he is near water) for weeks. Salvior began to develop the beginnings of learning the art of the elements. Molrem taught him ways in which he could actually create spells based upon elements that he could control. He also helped Salvior focus his mind so that he could bestow the greatest gift he could to his student… a spell simply referred to as “the stare.” “The Stare” was a spell, if cast successfully, locks the caster and its target in a “mental duel.” In order to be successful, Salvior must increase his levels of concentration as much as he possibly could.

Molrem also had to keep Salviors emotions in check. Salvior told his master that ever since he embarked on his quest, he has had increasing nightmares about his past life in the Northern Kingdom and that he dreamt about possibly seeing Kazeer Capital. Also, he kept dreaming about having a ball of energy in one hand and a sword in the other. Molrem told his student that he must go and retrieve his sword. Dark times were befalling Ambitus and everyone must “take up their sword” and fight tyranny. Molrem knew how much Salvior wanted to forget his past as a soldier, but he could see that Salvior’s own subconscious was fighting this choice.

After much careful thought and meditation, Salvior decided that he would take up his sword once more. In addition to training his magical skills, he trained himself to get back into shape as a fighter. Molrem then suggested that Salvior stay in Ravenloft until the other five show up. While in Ravenloft, Salvior should try to collect as much information as possible. Molrem then had one last revelation for his student. He told him that he and his friends will soon have to make a grave choice; they must climb up the “steps” of the “stairs” of destiny. Also, Salvior and the other 5 will soon have to account for their own sins and vices in ways they could never possibly imagine.

Salvior thanked his master and headed to Ravenloft. He heads to his vault and withdraws his sword. He then stared longingly into the emerald on the sword’s hilt and remembers his mother and how much he misses her. He then examined the rest of the sword and was immediately reminded of the finely crafted swords his father used to make. Once his sword was in hand, Salvior then travelled around the city to collect information. What Salvior fails to realize was that while in Ravenloft, he has in fact become poisoned by the city’s water supply and the only cure was to be found in “another world.”

As Salvior was collecting information, Winston had been relaying information about his fellow adventurers; everything from the encounters with snow beasts, to the blue stone, the flying machine, albatross’ symbol, and saiker’s ring. Winston then returned to his master’s side when the 5 adventurers had reached Ravenloft at last. Salvior saw his cohorts barreling down the streets of Ravenloft in a stage coach that soon crashed into a river. Salvior then fished them out and filled them in about what was happening around Ravenloft. The other 5 then told Salvior about their exploits in the mountains. Reunited at last, the adventurers pressed on as mysterious storm clouds were gathering over the city of Ravenloft.

2 Salvior (Kalec Laurderon)

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