Madeus Lightshield

Madeus is a righteous paladin, fighting for the good of all people. Young with brown hair and blue eyes. Dons a set of full plate armor for battle and wields a longsword and shield. His knightly colors are blue and gold. Close connection to Octavar.


14 STR, 10 DEX, 13 CON, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 14 CHA, 20 AC (10 Touch, 20 Flat Footed), 49 HP, +1 Longsword, Masterwork Full Plate Armor, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield.
Listen +3
Sense Motive +8
Spot +3
Fortitude +11
Reflex +7
Will +9


Originally grew up in the slum town of Bocht alongside the dwarf Octavar. His father, Godwin, left for the holy city of Ardeaglais to seek aid, only to never return. Weeks after his fathers departure, Madeus’s mother fell ill and passed. Years passed and Madeus grew to be a common thief. However, he took the righteous path and helped others before himself.

One faithful day, Madeus Lightshield unknowinlly met the great paladin Aildaris and his young squire, Aeduuin. After a small pick pocketing incident, Aildaris offers his aid to the now poverty-ridden Madeus. Later that night, the town is attacked by a pack of Bandits. Madeus saves Aeduuin from being killed, only to have the bandit turn on Madeus. As the bandit is about to make his final blow, Aildaris’s famed long sword tore through the bandits chest, saving Madeus. Aildaris informed Madeus that he saw the light inside of him, and offered to take him on as his squire and train him in Ardeaglais. Madeus accepts and begins his training in the ways of the paladin.
During his training, Madeus learns that a group of Blood Knights had been attacking the outskirts and trails outside of Aildaris. The Blood Knights were an organization focused on destroying the paladin and their god. They capture people and use their blood to power their runed blades. He believes this is what happened to his father.

Years pass and Madeus is about to finish his training alongside his now best friend Aeduuin. However, the night before they are to be inducted into the ranks of the paladins, the blood knights attack the cathedral in the knight. Madeus single handily holds off 5 blood knights from entering the recruits chambers. However, the blood knight leader, Reeve, arrives and injures Madeus. As Reeve is about to kill Madeus, Aeduuin, jumps in front of the blade, being stabbed through the chest. As this happens, Aildaris runs in and with the help of the elder paladins, forces Reeve to retreat. Aeduuin is buried, and Madeus takes the paladin rites, thus becoming a Paladin. Also, for his heroic deeds, Madeus becomes known as “Madeus The Noble,” in the town.

Madeus then departs to find Reeve and seek revenge for his departed friend. Along the way, Madeus discovers Octavar at a tavern outside a small town. Octavar has become an accomplished rogue, and decides to travel with Madeus. Eventually, Madeus and Octavar find other traveling companions, including the elf wizard Aidan and the half-elf ranger Glimfarn. Together they began there adventure into Ambitus and will soon discover the secrets it holds.

Madeus Lightshield

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