2 Brazeloin

"Everything dies. You, me. Everyone on this planet. In the multiverse. This is simply how things are. It's inevitable... and I chose to defy it."


Brazeloin has come into his prime as a Cleric. Together with the Heroes, they have defended multiple realities, taken down the forces of the Blood Knights, battled Gods and won, and even met Evil incarnate. Now, he seeks to keep balance in the multiverses, as well as stop the pluage that is coming to destroy Ambitus.

The Beginning

Born as Derial, he was born to Thesaryn and Belledonna into a dark lineage. His father was one of the highest ranking Magus in the Blood Knights, a group of unholy warriors. Thesaryn tried to keep my birth a secret, as he wanted to take his son away from this life and start a new one with his wife and son. However, the Hand and Voice approached him, having learned of the boy and forced him to receive the Blessing of Asmodius, the mark of the Blood Knights. The mark was burned into his skin, and almost killed the young baby. He became racked with fever and came close to death more than once. Thesaryn and Belledonna decided they would run away and try to have their son made clean at the Monastery of Pelor, which was two days journey away.

They made the trek, and the Clerics decided to take the child in and purify him, but they told his mother and father to leave the area and head out of the Serpent Coil. Saddened, they held their son for the last time, and his father gave the Clerics a satchel, telling them to let the boy open it only when he left to go on his own journey. They obliged his request, and they left. However, they had been followed. The Hand and a regiment of Blood Knights were almost upon the Monastery. They slew Belledonna when she attempted to slow them down, leading Thesaryn to make a terrible choice. As a last ditch effort, Thesaryn used all of his magical power to warp the Monastery to an unknown location, killing himself in the process.

At the age of 16, Derial was approached by the Triverrita, the holy order of 3 clerics that trained him, and was handed a worn satchel. Curious, he opened it and found a journal in it, as well as a locket, enchanted with the image of a man, woman, and a baby child. The Clerics revealed to him that this was his mother, Belledonna, and his Father, Thesaryn, and that they had been part of the dark group Blood Knights, but despite this, they had loved him very much… enough to sacrifice themselves to protect him. Derial was shocked by the revelation that his parents could have been part of a group that killed so many people, and ran away from the Clerics, locking himself in his room. He swore to avenge his parents, and become a man of the Light.

Destiny Intwined

Years later, the group of three clerics approached him in secrecy to ask him to leave the brotherhood… and to search for the group led by the Holy Warrior. They informed him that, in a vision they had, he was to join forces with a group led by a young Paladin, and together, they would achieve something that was laid out for them centuries ago. Derial was confused by this, as he was nothing special. The Triverrita then revealed to him that if he did not go, the fate of the world would be thrown into jeopardy, and that the group was the last hope for survival. He was to approach the throne of the three when he was ready to accept his fate. He was so taken aback that he turned and ran away from them, from the temple, from the Clerics, as fast as he could.

That night, he returned to the temple, ashamed at what he had done and ready to accept his destiny, when he heard the sounds of screams coming from the great meditation chamber. He rushed in, only to find that the screams were coming from the now lifeless bodies of his fellow clerics. Members of the Order, guards, and even the young trainees were scattered around the thrones of the Triverrita, while the three bodies of the Triverrita sat in their regular positions, beheaded, while their heads were mounted on the tops of their thrones. Outraged at the deed, ran out of the room, where he came face to face with the murderer….. it was a group of men dressed in scraps of armor. He saw that they bore the mark of the Blood Knight when they turned towards him, weapons drawn. Derial went to try and attack, but was knocked to the floor by an unseen force. He was left unconscious. Days passed. When he finally awoke, he was so ashamed. He was not even around to help them fight back! He then decided that he must face his destiny. He approached the throne of the Triverrita, as he had been instructed to do. The holy symbol on his belt started to glow, and the stones in the floor started to warm, opening up, revealing a secret staircase. Below the throne room, there was a statue dedicated to Pelor, garbed in a blue cloak, armor, and holding a Mace, the weapon of the goddess herself, with the words “Solus Eternium Brazeloin Terre” inscribed on the base, meaning Avenger of the Eternal Sun. He took these items, and left his old holy symbol behind, taking the one from the statue… taking the name Brazeloin for himself.

The Holy Avenger
Brazeloin fought along side the group on many occasions. They scaled the mountains of SilverReach, defeated a long-dead Hydra, reconstructed the ancient Phoenix to escape, fought through hordes of Snow Beasts, saved the town of Ravenloft from the Blood Knight oppression, managed to save the multiverse from destruction at the hands of the Stone Stepper, and fought through the layers of Hell to return to Ambitus.
The largest impact was his stay in Hell. Though tortured, controlled, and forced to build a golem monstrocity, he learned a great deal about alchemy, golemancy, and magic… as well as devise ways to counter it, should he need to in the future. When they escaped Hell, Brazeloin left to put his knowledge to use for the betterment of Ambitus, and the multiverse.

The Rise of the Cleric
10 Years Later… Brazeloin was greatly impacted during his time away from the other heroes. He was put under a Domination spell by some unknown force, and almost succeeded in taking the life of his long-time Alchemic mentor, Henry Crevall. He only managed to stop himself by removing his own arm. He met with Aiden Firestorm, the Wizard, and between the two of them, they created Vaneheim, the mechanical prosthetic that he wields today.

2 Brazeloin

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