Chapter 2: The Brawl In Rockfall

Deception in Rockfall

Madeus, Aidan, Octavar, and Glimfarn arrived in the town of Rockfall after their battle with the Kobolds. On the road to the town, they met up with a Cleric, named Brazeloin, and he was invited to join them on their journey. They made their way past the gate keepers, and upon entering the city, they felt like something was amiss. The townspeople were all down and in poverty. The streets were dirty and the buildings looked worn down. They decided to take refuge at the criminally expensive Tavern, The Cliffside, and managed to procure rooms for the night.

That night, as they slept in comfort, two Orcs broke into their room and they were forced to fight in unforgiving circumstances. They managed to win, and that morning, set out for the market to buy armor, weapons, provisions, rations, and other necessities. They then decided to seek out the military leader of Rockfall, Hadrian Roamsen, and try to find out why the town was in the state it was in. Hadrian informed our heroes that a man known as the Alchemist was kidnapping citizens from the town and killing them, and that the Alchemist might retaliate to the executions of his fellow conspirators scheduled in three days . He beseiched our heroes to stop the “mad man” and bring peace back to Rockfall.

The group set off to find a way into the Alchemist’s Tower. The tower’s main street door was locked tight, so they decided to try and use the stables to sneak into the towns storage building in the dead of night and use the secret tunnel that the retired smuggler, Rotface, alluded to them. Once they had made it into the tunnel, they noticed that it was crumbling and open to the outside, which led to a sheer cliff face. One bad step could have spelled the end of the group, but they steeled their nerves and, after an encounter with a swarm of feral rats, they arrived in the ground floor of the Alchemist’s Tower.

The tower smelled of age and mildew, but our heroes were not scared. They mounted the staircase and, four floors later, arrived in a large room with a bay window that faced the town square, where a gallows stood, with many ropes tied into nooses. Infront of this window sat a chair, and in that chair sat a hunched figure, the Alchemist. The heroes rushed over to him only to find out that he was bleeding… stabbed by a blade of some kind. He informed them that Hadrian was actually the mastermind behind the deaths in Rockfall, and that he needed the group to stop his strange nefarious plans. The group took his plea over Hadrian’s charge and took the lift up to the top floor, where Hadrian awaited them.

The group confronted the evil Hadrian, and he revealed to them the truth about of his plan, how he used the Alchemist’s name to strike fear into the hearts of Rockfall and move himself up the ranks until he eventually would rule all of Rockfall. He also informed them that the gallows below contained barrels of explosive powder underneath them, and that they would blow up half of Rockfall, leaving him as the shining beacon of hope in the dark hour. Our heroes would not allow this, and Brazeloin took a zip line down to the gallows to try and evacuate the citizens, but broke both his legs in the process. He managed to still alert the people to the imminent danger, as the crafty dwarf, Octavar disarmed the bomb. The other heroes, however, were locked in deadly combat with Hadrian. he seemed to have the upper hand until he was pushed to the edge of the tower. He laughed and left the heroes with this message: “Men fear those who mind themselves” before smiling for the last time and throwing himself off of the tower, thereby refusing any true stability between the factions in the trading post.

Though not able to stop Hadrian and keep him alive, the group managed to save the Alchemist and help make the town of Rockfall regain part of its glory. They then learned that the Alchemist, revealed to be named Henry Creval, had a brother that helped him to build the entire town of Rockfall, but his brother became jealous of Henry and left him. He charges the group to seek him out if they can. It was at this time that Brazeloin chose to leave the group for a time and pursue the art of Alchemy. And so, Madeus, Octavar, Adian, and Glimfarn left the town of Rockfall behind them, saying goodbye to friend new and old, but knowing that their paths would cross again… soon.


“….after a swarm of feral rats.” grrrrr

Chapter 2: The Brawl In Rockfall

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