Chapter 10: The New World

The Turning of the Year

Chapter 10: The New World

So our heroes activated the machine and it sent them to New York, New York at 8 pm on the turn of the year. The mysterious voice told our heroes to hail a giant yellow machine called a cab and they were also told by the voice to head to China Town and look for a man named “The Haitian”. So they first used a polymorph spell to change themselves so they didn’t stick out like sore thumbs. Glimfarn morphed into a black man in zootsuit and the others changed into looks of their choice. The group decided to split up and look for the Haitian.
Brazeloin looked in a local grocery store. Madeus, Octivar, and Salivor went into a pawn shop. Glimfarn and Aiden went to talk to a strange man in a nearby alley. Brazeloin tried talking to the woman who owned the store and was chased out after asking about “The Haitian”. Madeus, Octivar, and Salvior talked to the owner and traded some gold pieces for this strange paper currency. The owner was starting to get suspicious especially when Brazeloin walked in and started talking about all this weird stuff. Meanwhile, Glimfarn and Aiden met a man that offered them these strange drugs like Vicodin, Ritalin, and Ecstasy. Glimfarn, being adventurous as usual, bought some Ritalin and started asking questions about “the Haitian”. The drug dealer freaked out and ran away and Glimfarn followed right behind him. They ran up on the roof and both fell through the glass. Glimfarn used the man as a cushion so he wouldn’t be hurt. The rest of group heard the ruckus and came outside. The man was badly hurt, but after some torture he talked and they went off into the local nightclub.
Once inside the group made their way to the owner’s quarters and were attacked by thugs with these strange weapons that shot these metal balls. They were easily taken out before too much damage was done and they moved into a small hallway. They heard voices in the room down that hallway and Brazeloin decided to get the jump on them buy using a seed explosion spell. After the group heard a small explosion they burst through the doors and fought more thugs.One of the more important people were wearing a silk cheetah skin robe which Glimfarn took greedily.
As the group was looking for what to do next, Madeus looked around the bookshelf and noticed that many of the books pertained to Ambitus and other such things. Madeus pulled out a book and the bookshelf opened to reveal a secret passage. Octivar snuck into the next room which had three men within it. He snuck around the first two and killed the third very loudly. While the others had their backs turned, Madeus came down on one with his sword and slew him instantly. The second one was just as easy to take down.
The group finally came to “the Haitian”. They came to know that “the Haitian” was actually Gambit in another form who explained to them that everyone who lived in Ambitus was brought into this world and had been waiting for the heroes to appear, many of them taking this to their graves.
Gambit then gave Octivar his magical eye patch which let him see magical auras.
Just then a huge explosion engulfed half the room and our group was attacked by a group of gargoyles. The gargoyles were tough and one carried Salvior away. Glimfarn chased the gargoyle down through the building and tried to catch him with a jump, but missed and crushed a car 20 ft below. The gargoyle dropped Salvior on top of a subway car where he was greeted by Otiven, but he looked different and told him that he waited and waited and it was their fault.
After recuperating, Gambit told the group that the only person who knew where to go next was a person by the name of Manhattan and were directed to go to the abandoned subway. The group arrived and soon found out they were not alone there were many humans who had the Alchemist symbol embroidered on their clothes and of course they all had guns. While Glimfarn, Aiden, Salvior, and Madeus snuck into an abandoned train car, Octivar and Brazeloin snuck around to try to take out the men on a train. Octivar slew three people without being seen and hid underneath the train car. Glimfarn shot three arrows and killed one man, but the other noticed. One of the men in the other train car pulled the stake out and the train car was headed right for Glimfarn, Madeus, Aiden, and Salvior. As Madeus, Aiden, and Salvior ran out as fast as they could, Glimfarn climbed into a window and waited for the right moment to strike. As the train was about to collide with the other Glimfarn gracefully flew into the other car and ran through the entire thing as it collapsed within it-self and did a front flip out of the other side. While all this was going on two more men came in and had grenade launchers.
After that scuffle the group moved onward into the the underground. They came to a room filled with carbon monoxide. Brazeloin used a wind wall and mend spells to get rid of the awful gas. They fought a few more people with the Alchemist symbol and came to a a dark and dank cave that reaked of death and poison. The room was full of the Alchemist people and they took us to a huge door. The door opened and a black dragon stepped out. He told the group about how he was raised by his father Aggy and he grew up and took control of New York. This was the same dragon that the group had wrongly guessed was a pseudo-dragon. He said he would tell the group of the device if they could best him in battle and so the fight was on.
Manhattan started by putting out a cloud of poisonous gas which shrouded him in a dark cloud. Glimfarn shot multiple arrows into the beast, but they all glanced off it’s scaly hide. Aiden and Salvior stood their ground and fire spell after spell into Manhattan. He sent out another cloud and badly damaged both spell-casters. Luckily Brazeloin was there to heal them and keep them in the fight. Glimfarn and Octivar climbed onto the dragon’s back using a magic chain that they obtained in the mountains. Once on the back they were attacking when Aiden sent out multiple scorching rays and did massive amount of damage to Manhattan. After the attack Manhattan surrendered and told the group that they needed to go to the Cathedral to find the location of the device. So Gambit picked up the group and gave them a walkie-talkie and said that there were dangerous things underneath the Cathedral and said if you need help I can send some of my men.
The group entered the catacombs and searched for any kind of secret. They came to a wall with a riddle and after solving it went into a huge chamber with yet another Alchemist symbol and statues that slightly resembled the heroes from the group. Every statue had a a special item that pertained to their specific skills and techniques. Then the symbol opened up and and three ghosts came out and screeched with unholiness. Glimfarn and Octivar ran around screaming and running while the rest of the group fought them off. The group eventually defeated the ghosts and discovered the location of the device. It was on top of the Chrysler Building.
They were told by the voice that many innocent people were being brain washed, but if their lives were spared it could help them in the near future. Also, there was a hostage that was near death and if saved he could help with future endeavors. So the group pushes through the crowds of mindless minions and fights through several guards. Then Octivar notices that there are four bombs and decided it would be best to disarm them. The rest of the group climbed into the top floor and fought the butcher who was using the device to destroy the world. It was a long hard battle, but in the end the device fell and almost crushed Brazeloin and the butcher was on his deathbed. The group threw the device over the side of the building as a portal to Hell opened. The group jumped in taking the hostage(who turned out to be Algrim Marbleforge) and the butcher with them and they were each put into their respective floors. Madeus went to Purgatory, Glimfarn to Lust and Hedonism, Octavar to Gluttony, Aidan to Wrath and Violence, and Salvior and Brazeloin to Vanity, Pride and Deception.



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