The Different Factions of Ambitus

The Different Factions of Ambitus

There are many different factions that vie for control. Some are evil, some good, and countless others morally grey. The adventurers will find themselves making many relationships with these groups. As for what kinds of relationships, still remains to be seen.

The Great Factions

The great factions were founded in the second age when merchants and nobles consolidated their resources into colossal guild operations and when powerful individuals established their control. Each of these factions consider Aldnari home, but as for outside of Aldnari, the factions often passively struggle for supremacy with each other as well as the other weaker factions hoping to prove themselves. Despite the occasional lapses in behavior, “the big three,” maintain relative stability and power together.

The Architects
The Architects are all of the masonry guilds, mining operators, and other raw material gathering groups working together under one banner. The guilds all keep a individual identity, but they answer to The Architect’s Organization. The other houses often times fight to garner The Architects’ favor, making the house very rich. Membership of The Architects is predominantly dwarvish.

Aurum Conservator
The Aurum Conservator is a very structured organization that controls the commerce and protection of gold. They are the tax-collectors, coin minters, and inevitably investors in Aldnari. They work closely with everyone and usually end up backing the most powerful movements in Ambitus. Most of The Aurum Conservator is made up of dwarves and ambitious and rich humans.

The Far Road
The Far Road is a colossal guild that oversees the logistics and peaceful negotiation between the lesser trade and industry guilds. It’s power is relatively minor in comparison to the other great factions, but it makes up for this through its resources and sheer number of members. Anyone who is a member of a guild or trade caravan retains membership within The Far Road.

The Light Bringers
The Church of Chiron and the followers of Pelor make up this group, together they provide the muscle and the steel to keep out the evil in the cities around Ambitus. The groups often take a back seat to the church of Chiron’s operations, which although not always perfect, usually instills order. Pelor, on the other hand, spreads healing and good will to the poor and less fortunate. Together they make up the major body of governance in Ambitus. Had it not been for them Ambitus would be controlled by the evil Blood Knights and Asmodeous Followers.

The Evil Factions

Blood Knights of Dormric
The Blood Knights of Dormric have a seen a recent rise to power in Ambitus. Hundred of years ago they saw secondary power as the foot soldiers of Asmodeous, but now with their old leadership gone they’re no longer kept at bay from their evil ambitions. The Knight’s foil is presented in the Church of Chiron, who still manages to keep their numbers at bay. That being said, the Blood Knights are more than willing to search for power in low places like the cornered dogs that they are. Followers of the Red Knight entrust their allegiance to the Blood Knights, serving as foot soldiers and underlings to their superiors.

Followers of Asmodeous
In the first and second age, only the most evil and powerful people would dare follow Asmodeous, lord of the Nine Hells. With his power they were able to bring together followers of the lesser gods (Dormric, The Red Knight, and others) and fight the forces of good on a large scale. Today, however, there are no followers of Asmodeous, worshiping him offers no divine magics, it’s as if he has severed all relations with the world entirely. Therefore, you will never find an evil cleric of Asmodeous, and you won’t find any collective following for him.

The “Successor” Factions

The Alchemists
The alchemists are not actually an organized group of people, instead it’s a label given to those who research and retrace the steps of the legendary Kazeer Captial. Occasionally the adventurers might meet self proclaimed Alchemists in their travels, but they’re generally mad or inexperienced. Alchemists are secretive, underground, and hated by just about every other faction in Ambitus. They represent a different age and a lust for knowledge that is considered dark, unconventional, and destructive. The Alchemist of Rockfall was feared by all, and yet Henry Creval was hardly an experienced or seasoned follower of Kazeer Capital, if anything he was an amateur. The very word alchemist brings up a mixture of contempt, awe, and foreboding fear to the other factions.

The “Cult”
Created sometime within the past twenty years, the “cult” referred to by its members as “The Society,” has become a point of interest to Blood Knights and Light Bringer alike. What is known about The Society is that its members are predominantly rich aristocrats, they take interest in Aldanari politics, and they show signs of possible Alchemist influence.

The Iron Crown
Lord Hadzik and his kobold clan might have gone unnoticed had it not been for his stunning show of force on the mountain peaks of Silver Reach. Now his territory has doubled, his resources increased, and his renown spreading. Kobolds around the Serpent Coil now rally to his crest, ready to take up the fight for a place beyond that of a cave and enslavement by the other savage races.

The Different Factions of Ambitus

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