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Blog Notes

Hey everyone, Brazeloin here,

So,I know that we all want to put up parts of the story, but I would like to start by editing this starting post so we all know what to expect.

So first thing is first… I will make chapter posts for each chapter. I will deffinitely need someone to remind me of the titles for the chapters, so feel free to edit the title if I messed it up, or forgot it completely.

Second, I would like to post an initial chunk for each chapter during the game. This way, we can get exactly what Clay says and have that as the basic information. After I post it, I would like to invite you ALL to add any information that you took from the game and that I may have missed. This way, we can have an extensive knowledge base for all the parts of the legend of Ambitus.

Third. Have fun!!! This is our page! This is our story! It will be a great time and I am honored to spend it with wonderful gamers like you!!

So yes… Post away in the available chapters :D

Brazeloin, Keeper of the Lore


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