Glimfarn's Longbow

The forest god's gift

weapon (ranged)

A lightning bolt struck an elder tree. Instead of killing the tree it grew rapidly. The surrounding moss and grass grew an almost fluorescent green. Water poured out from it’s roots. Flowers bloomed out and vines unfurled in response to the water’s flow. From the trunk grew the bow – perfect in its shape.

The bow looks like its alive. Knots and moss grows on it and occasionally sprout leaves from the body. The bow smells strongly of pine sap and flowers, when the bow is drawn it sounds like the creaking of trees. Upon release it snaps almost animal-like with a bark or roar.

+1 Longbow

- the bow is near impossible to break
- there’s no disadvantage for firing at long ranges
- abominations are vulnerable to the bow’s strikes


Glimfarn's Longbow

Ambitus ClaytonStine