An evil, clever and intelligent Imp who was once the familiar of an evil sorcerer. He proves to be a valuable ally when the group of adventurers arrived in Hell. But is Vondarbar only helping them in order to achieve his own evil goals?


Vondarbar was once the prized familiar of an evil and powerful sorcerer. This small red imp is extremely evil, intelligent and versatile. His knowledge encompasses a lot of the qualities of his former master and some of his abilities include the ability to shape shift, manipulate the minds of others and cast small magical spells.

Vondarbar was summoned by an all-powerful sorcerer known only as the Mystic. The Mystic was still relatively young and had never summoned a demon before. Even though the attempt was anemic at best, the evil sorcerer sucessfully managed to summon a small Imp. He named him Vondarbar (based upon a word from a strange language that the Mystic stumbled upon in his studies). Originally the Imp was very rebellious and chose not to listen to his new master. The Mystic tried his hardest to win over the allegiance of his new servant; but to no avail. At last, the Mystic used one of his strongest mind control techniques. This spell, once cast, lasted as long as the caster lived and could only be broken by death. Vondarbar was now completely under his master’s control.

Over the next few decades, Vondarbar (under mind control) followed his master’s every command and assisted him in all of his research and evil deeds. In addition to being the Mystic’s spy, Vondarbar was entrusted with two deeds that he must always fulfill (or face dire consequences). The first was to silence anyone who stood in the Mystic’s way or found out about his master’s secret plot for world domination. The other was to protect his master’s staff while he is asleep.

The Mystic’s staff is no ordinary quarterstaff. His staff was once part of a legendary staff that supposedly belonged to Boccob himself. The staff was made up of two halves; one black (embodies pure evil) and one white (embodies pure goodness) and when they are together, they form a “true neutral” connection; much similar to that of Boccob himself. The Mystic and his brother discovered the staff nearly a century ago. The Mystic mad with evil and corruption and his brother full of goodness and reason fought to prevent the staff from falling into the other’s hands. The fight took place on the top of a volcano. During the fight, a bolt of lightning came down out of the sky and cracked the staff in two. The Mystic ended up with the black half and his brother with the white half. The shock of the lightning bolt caused the Mystic’s brother to lose his balance and fall into the volcano. The Mystic ran to his brother’s aid, but it was too late. The Mystic could only watch as his brother fell to into firey oblivion.

Although unknown what the fully combined staff could do, the individual halves each had unique qualities. The white half representing pure goodness allows the controller to see into the future. The black half allows the controller the power to manipulate death itself (whether to kill the living or raise the dead). The Mystic used this power to enhance his abilities in Necromancy. The only restrction was that whoever wieled either half of the staff must be either alive or immortal to harness its true powers.

Vondarbar enjoyed living in comfort with his master in the Northern Knigdom. Then one day, a young upstart came along and fascinated his master. His master found that he could train this young sorcerer and use him to advance his own devious plot to rule all of Ambitus. Vondarbar immediately hated the young soldier (who he mainly referred to as “The Vain One”) because his master was hardly spending any time with him anymore.

Overcome with jealousy, Vondarbar flew out into the desert to blow off some steam. Unfortunately, he stumbled upon a band of Orc soldiers that nearly killed him. Luckily, he escaped in time. Once he thought he was home free, Vondarbar was caught in a vicious sandstorm. The violent winds whipped him all the way to the westernmost part of the desert. After the storm subsided, Vondarbar found himself hopelessly lost. After what seemed like days, he found that he was near an oasis. Relieved, he flew as fast as he could toward it. No sooner had he sat next to the “pond” he realized that this was no oasis.

It turns out that the “oasis” was merely an illusion created by a dreaded blue dragon. Vondarbar screamed in terror as lightning erupted from the bowl of the horrid behemoth. Vondarbar turned to fly away, but it was futile. With a deafening CRACK! everything in Vondarbar’s world went dark. The mischievous Imp Vondarbar was dead.

The Imp then awoke in Hell and found himself being enlisted as one of its workers. He was commissioned to help in the circle of Gluttony. There, he found refuge working in the desert of Gluttony which closely mirrored the deserts of the Northern Kingdom. He passed the time hiding in the sand and stinging passersby; who would eventually succumb to the Imp’s poison.

One day, he helped escort one of the sacrifices that was to be given to Cerberus to the sacrifical alter. After tying up the victim and summoning his “boss”, the sacrifice broke free and put Vondarbar in a “choke hold.” Vondarbar was then thrown into the cage and was horrifically engulfed by Cerberus.

Vondarbar woke up and found himself in Purgatory. Trying to recover from the horrible ordeal, Vondarbar then sensed something he had not felt in quite some time. HIS MASTER! Although saddened by the fact that he was dead, Vondarbar could not be any happier to have the opportunity to reunite with him once more.

This was strange because even though the Mystic had died and the mind control spell had broken, Vondarbar still felt attached to his master. Can it be… Vondarbar established a deep bond of friendship that not even magic could control?

Vondarbar desperately sought to reunite with the Mystic. There was only one problem. His master was several circles below him, and he was unsure as to how to traverse the other circles to get there. Dejected, Vondarbar sat in Purgatory for hundreds and hundreds of years (in Hell time, which was only a few decades back in the land of the living) trying to figure out how he could reunite with his master.

After countless centuries, Vondarbar’s prayers were finally answered. As luck would have it, Vondarbar saw a paladin fighting with the ferryman Charon. He saw that the paladin was extremely strong. Vondarbar finally found his “escort.” He flew to the top of the mast of Charon’s ship; which was heading closer to the Maelstrom of Lust. Vondarbar siezed his opportunity and jumped in after Madeus.

While in Lust, he saw that Madeus had rescued a fellow comrade and the two of them had some sort of map that could help them get through the rest of Hell’s circles. Vondarbar kept hidden as he followed Glimfarn and Madeus into the desert of Gluttony. Once there, he revealed himself to the two adventurers. He offered to help them get to the gate that would lead them to Greed in exchange for protection up to that point. Secretly, Vondarbar sought to lead the two there and then steal their book so he could reunite with his fallen master.

As the group progressed, they stumbled upon the “Demon of the Wastes” who was actually Octavar. Once he joined the group, Vondarbar led the adventurers to the Chamber of Cerberus. Once there, the group prepared a sacrifice to summon the guardian. This sacrifice was actually a little girl the group encountered earlier. The group fought her and a band of cannibals in the desert. At the end of the battle, Vondarbar stung and poisoned the girl for fun. From that point on, Madeus no longer liked Vondarbar and would soon wish to kill him. The girl was succumbing to the effects of the poison as she was crawling into the chamber. Vondarbar also found out that “The Vain One” (known by the group of adventurers as “Salvior”) was also in Hell. Once Vondarbar found out about this, he knew exactly what circle Salvior was in and then sought his revenge against his master’s pupil.

Before Cerberus was summoned, Vondarbar turned invisible and stole the book from Madeus. Madeus demanded the book back, but Vondarbar stated that he would not summon Cerberus unless he could see the book. While the two were talking Vondarbar ripped out the pages of the remaining circles of hell and gave the useless pages that were left in the book back to Madeus. The group of adventurers would not find out about Vondarbar’s “trick” until 2/3 of the way through Greed. After the short “exchange” Vondarbar finally summoned Cerberus. The fight with the guardian had at last begun. During the skirmish, Vondarbar attempted to poision Glimfarn but decided to simply fly through the portal into Greed instead. One thing is for certain, the group of adventurers know that they will see the coniving Imp again and Madeus wants him dead.


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