Oy the Badger

Dire badger of Glimfarn


Once a normal everyday badger, Oy has become the only badger of legend in not just Ambitus, but possibly history.


Oy lived the life of any other badger. He was born into a hole in the ground with a litter of brothers and sisters. Shortly after he grew hair and gained his sight, a terrible tragedy occurred. Oy’s family was caught in a hunter’s trap and he was unable to save them. Alone and afraid, Oy attempted to live with others of his kind, but was pushed away like some kind on vagabond. One day Oy was injured by another much larger badger and assumed his death was near. As he was blacking out the last thing he heard was GLIIIIIMMMMMMMFFFFAARRRNNNNNN!!! Little did he know that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Oy and Glimfarn became best friends and Glimfarn healed all his wounds. They became very close and would defend each other until the end.
As they went through several adventures Oy felt this magic inside his entire body and within an instant he nearly doubled in size. He has become quite ferocious and defends Glimfarn and his friends with his life. Despite being extremely deadly in combat Glimfarn and friends love to snuggle and play with Oy. Oy is a loyal companion and Glimfarn cares about him so very much.

Oy the Badger

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