Otiven Gordon

Otiven is always hunting a new criminal or target, and although inexperienced he has great potential.


Otiven grew up in the slums of Ravenloft, fixing carriages as a boy, and stealing from it’s riders when times weren’t profitable. Involvement in the transportation of goods and labor inadvertently gave Otiven close insight into the smuggling and illegal industries of Ravenloft. He became skilled at transporting contraband and defending it with his heavy crossbow, but the gangs and dark influences of the slums didn’t appeal to Gordon’s personal views, and instead he focused his energies on building a new reputation as a bounty hunter.

His first targets were simple, perhaps even petty, but his inexperience became apparent after having a run in with the then unknown Gambit. Gambit seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and Otiven believing himself to be the perfect man for the job, began to hunt down the elusive gnome always one step behind him.

Personality: Otiven is friendly and talkative, but he can be something of a rash individual, more often than not taking falls and finding himself as close to death as your usual bear trainer and clinical masochist.
His love for the hunt of an individual is only beat by his love for the crossbow and the many techniques involved in its use.

Otiven Gordon

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