The lord and watcher of the earth city that shares his name. Manhattan is a great and terrible black dragon.


Manhattan is older than the country he resides in and more powerful than any other creature on Earth. Deep beneath the ancient and occult sewers of New York, writhes the dark scaled lord of the New York’s Alchemists on a mountain of coin. His breath stinks of acid and vinegar while his scales flex and emit hollow cracks under several tons.


Manhattan appeared on Earth alongside his caretaker “Aggy” Hadzik of the Hadzik clan. The two of them had entered through the very same portal that many others in Ravenloft had entered during the Stone-Stepper implosion. After hatching, Aggy cared for the still weak and vulnerable hatchling in the cold marshes of the New York coastline.

The black dragon long exceeded the lifespan of his “father,” and would become a facet in the long island marshes long before the Dutch landed on Manhattan’s shores.


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