Hadrian Roamsen

The power hungry guard captain of Rockfall. His last words, "men fear those who mind themselves," still echoes truth in the adventures of our heroes.


Hadrian was the captain of the guard in Rockfall, and the mastermind behind a hostile takeover of the trading post’s power. With the absence of trade from the town of Duvik, the fragile balance between the post’s merchants and guards was broken, and Hadrian knew it. Over the course of only three weeks Hadrian silenced the only person who could stand against him, Henry Creval, “The Alchemist.”

It wasn’t hard, he claimed, after killing the assistants by hanging them from the tower, the public had their monster, and unwittingly gave their support to the corrupt Roamsen. After that he kept the wizard locked away in the tower to help him bury what little doubt there was in the town. There was suspicion after all and when doubters showed themselves they were immediately accused of conspiring with the “evil” alchemist. Hadrian knew he had to put an end to the game, he had to make people accept his twisted version of the truth. In an act of cunning, Hadrian planned to have the conspirators hanged, he had them charmed so as to prevent interrogation, he planted explosives made by the Alchemist beneath the hangman’s scaffolding, and when the time was right the entire post’s courtyard would be consumed in fire, killing witnesses, doubters, and his co-captain. Then and only then, would Hadrian Roamsen take the earlier slain alchemist, and make it look like he had finally killed the terrorist of Rockfall, thereby cementing his hold over the trading post.

There was a snag in the captain’s plan, however, for when he locked the gates of Rockfall he did not take into account the traveling group led by Madeus. It was they, who raced against the clock, saved the Alchemist before he could bleed out, and confronted the treacherous Hadrian Roamsen at the tower’s top. Hadrian had planned for the party members to die in their attempt at ascending the tower’s top, but on their end they had succeeded if only barely.

With only minutes to spare, the adventurers were faced with a choice; kill Hadrian, or save the people in the courtyard before the explosion consumed them. With daring and unexpected resolve the heroes chose to do both. While Madeus, Aidan, and Glimfarn fought up top, Brazeloin and eventually Octivar saved down below. They had disarmed the bomb, and put Hadrian within an inch of his life, but they could not deliver the killing blow: doing so would only seal his lies. In an attempt to subdue him, Hadrian claimed, “men fear those who mind themselves,” and cast himself into the courtyard below.

It took a great deal of trouble to convince people that Hadrian was the real evil madman, and even now the trust between the two factions is remains strained, but it’s intact – for now.

In a parallel universe:
His dark eyes seem to pierce into your soul and his warm smile throws you into a state of ease….. this is no ordinary man. He is a demon among his kind.
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Hadrian Roamsen

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