2 Glimfarn

The bastard son who steals all your women and smokes all your pipeweed


A tall, muscular half-elf. He has brown hair to about shoulder length and is ladykiller. He is profiecnt in archery and long swords. He is head strong and pompous.Although he is strong and good looking he is also full of himself. He belives that if he wants something than he can have it and likes to do things his way even if it’s for only his personal gain. He is used to being a loner and perfers to work alone, but doesn’t mind working with others if he has something to gain. He has an extreme hatred toward paladins because he believes their “holy ways” are just a ruse and it’s all a load of crap. He also wears a necklace that was given to him by his mother and it holds a special place in his heart.
STR= 12
AC=16 Flat=13
Sense Motive=2
Will Save=7
Fortitude save=10
Reflex save=12
Speed= 30ftx4


Glimfarn is a most interesting charactor in this campaign. His story is one of love, loss, and pride and is may shock you in more ways than one.
The Creation
Glimfarn grew up in a small village called Diredell. He was the bastard son of a male elf named Girtad and a female human named Shelaria. Girtad was a traveling mercenary that specialized in the warrior class. Shelaria was a local whore at a bar called The Prancing Pony.As she was leaving. Girtad attacked her in a drunken rage and brutally raped and beat her, then left her to die. Luckily, the local healer was able to save her and also tell her that she was pregnant.
Glimfarn’s childhood was very akward and full of hardships. He knew that he was different than most of the kids in his town. He grew faster and could not fit in no matter what he tried. He was also very mischevious. He would steal things from the farms and merchants and he also got into fights with many kids because they made fun of himself and his mother. Because of these insults and events of his childhood Glimfarn is morally grey. He will do whatever it takes to get a job done even if it endangers others around him. He does all that he does for his personal gain and could care less about others.
The Attitude
Since Glimfarn was a loner for his entire childhood he developed a sense of pride. He belived he was being treated badly now because he was destined to do great things and would be treated as a hero later in life. He wanted the kids to proudly shout GLIMFARRRRRRRRNNNNN! at the top of their lungs. He felt like he was destined to do great things and would often dream and play hero by himself in his room. He had no friends and he thought that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Glimfarn will never change for others and likes to show off especially in front of women.
The Mentor and Friend
When he was twenty years of age he ran away into a nearby forest. This forest was supposedly enchanted so the villagers stayed away from it. He eventually lost his way and was attaked by a pack of wolves. He killed five with his bare hands, but knew they would kill him eventually because he had no weapon. Luckily, an unkown ally came to his aid. It was the old hermit Hadrif. Little did Glimfarn know that this man would change his life forever. Hadrif taught Glimfarn to use a bow and assorted weapons efficently. Glimfarn trained for 5 years and the duo left the forest together and Glimfarn finally felt like he had a friend and father.
.The Loss of his only ally
Unfourtuntely, While Glimfarn was sleeping the duo were attacked by a band of orcs. Hadrif told Glimfarn to run and was killed by the orcs while Glimfarn ran away with tears in his eyes. He became increasingly depressed and started drinking heavily. He also took part in growing and selling of pipeweed. Glimfarn also tried to cure his problems with women. Every town he went he slept with all the women he could find.
The Epihany
Glimfarn was asleep one night after making love to three whores and he had an a strange dream. He was sitting around a campfire with Hadrif and they spoke of all the trouble Glimfarn had been having with the passing of his only friend. Hadrif told him that he needed to stop messing around and become the hero that he was born to be. After this dream he decided to give up drinking unless it was a joyus occasion, but he would continue using pipeweed because it’s a very relaxing thing to do.
The Meeting
So Glimfarn strode off to the town of Duvic. There he met a group of rag-tag heroes named Madeus, Aiden, and Octivar. He didn’t care for the lot of them at first, but as the adventures continue he as taken a liking to Octivar and Brazzeloin. He is still untrustworthy of Aiden and Madeus. He has always hated paladins because he dislikes their path of righteousness and helping the poor man. Where was the paladin when his father raped his mother and left her to die.Where was the paladin to stop him from doing all those bad things and teach him wrong from right. He is untrusting of Aiden because he knows that he could easily kill all of them in their sleep with his magic. Glimfarn only joined these guys so he could make it big as himself. He is still unsure of what he wants in life, but he knows that he needs to make Girtad pay if he still lives and mak Hadrif( his true father) proud.

The New Best Friend
As the group finally were making the last stretch to Ravenloft, Glimfarn met his new best friend. As the group were setting up camp about 6 miles from the city, Glimfarn was unpacking his pipeweed and saw a quite extraordinary creature come out of the woods. It was an ordinary badger, but Glimfarn knew that this badger was special and he was looking for an animal companion he could trust. He noticed it was severely wounded and seemed to be quite defensive and was hostile at first, but he was eventually able to calm it down. He nursed it back to health and couldn’t figure out what to name it. While he was playing with it Glimfarn said “come here boy!” and the badger responded with a small bark of “oy oy oy”. It finally hit him and thus the badger was named Oy. He has become quite an asset to the group and is the only one in the group that Glimfarn fully trusts. He has learned many tricks and Glimfarn feels a connection to Oy because they were both outcasts by their own kind and they have grown extremely close as the group’s adventures continue. Recently, Oy took on a growth spurt and became a dire badger and Glimfarn is quited excited to see what he can do in battle. Glimfarn will always put Oy over himself and Oy will do the same for Glimfarn. Oy also feels the same way that Glimfarn feels about the other members of the group. He is like a little hairy Glimfarn and the two can only part ways by death.

The Death of Girtad
In the end of the last adventure Glimfarn discovered that “The Hand” was actually Glimfarn’s father Girtad. He was greatly angered and was ready to finally kill his father that was never there for him. It was a great battle but Glimfarn won and now uses the sword that his father used to wield. Now that his father is dead, he is one step closer to becoming what he has wanted to be all along…worshiped by all

2 Glimfarn

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