2 Aidan

Elf wizard that kicks ass and chews bubble gum.


Level 8 High Elf Wizard
AC – 16
HP – 22
Flat-footed – 12
MW Quarterstaff – +3 Melee 1d6-1
MW Longbow – +8 Ranged 1d8-1
Spot – +10
Listen – +6
Fortitude Save – +1
Reflex Save – +6
Will Save – +8


150 years ago, an elvish town in the Serpentcoil Mountains was attacked by a rabid band of kobolds and goblins. The village was razed, and many elves were killed. One baby, however, was saved by a human Archmage visiting the town’s Apothecarium. This Archmage was named Ruham. Ruham took the babe into his care and raised him as his own. He named him Aidán, the ancient word for fire. He took Aidán to his private estate deep within the mountains, away from any danger that the mountains offers. There, Aidán was instructed in the arts of the arcane for nearly 50 years after he matured. He studied hard under the tutelage of Archmage Ruham, and eventually was elevated to the title of Wizard. After his studies were complete, a secret sect of rogues came into Archmage Ruham’s estate and murdered him in cold blood. They left Aidán weeping over his master’s death. After a brief recovery, Aidán started to dig into his past in order to find out who this secret sect of rogues were. He found out that his parents were killed by kobolds many years ago in a raid on his hometown. A deep, deep hatred of kobolds seeped into Aidán’s heart, and he set out to exact revenge on those that took his parent’s life. He came across a small mining town called Duvic and met a band of adventurers that were investigating possible kobold activity in the local mines. He will continually look for those responsible for his master’s demise, but killing kobolds in a burning fire will always satisfy Aidán.

Aidan’s view of the others in the group is neutral at the worst. He holds a better friendship with Brazeloin, however, as they studied under the Alchemist’s tutor together and have grown closer than the others in the group. Aidan respects Madeus as a powerful paladin and as a strong ally in combat. In Aidan’s eyes, Octavar mends the most serious and dire situations with his stabbity-stab mentality. This gives the old wizard much amusement. The half-elf, Glimfarn, however, is pompous in the eyes of Aidan. He is quite full of himself, as he always shouts his name whenever he lands a kill. He also has a drug problem, which troubles the old wizard greatly. Although Glimfarn has his personality that troubles Aidan slightly, he is a valuable asset to the team, as his marksmanship is unparalleled, and his tracking abilities has landed the group out of one mess or another.

2 Aidan

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