Agget "Aggy" of the Hadzik Clan

A crippled, nervous, and humped back kobold whose seen enough hard times to justify his now stunted appearance.


Aggy used to be the prized scavenger for the Kobold lord, Hadzik, until he had his back broken in by a purely curious snow beast. Since then he had became an accomplished assistant to the “Iron Crown” of the Kobolds of Silver Reach. Cooking, organization of goods, sewing, appraisal of gemstones, and the occasional side job of poison taster.

Aggy became a part of our adventurers group when they bought his services from Hadzik. The players saw it as them hiring a servant, where’s Hadzik saw it as them literally buying Agget. It’s not that he didn’t like Aggy, it’s just the concept of survival of the fittest, and how Agget wouldn’t have survived much longer. Think of it as retirement benefits, because that’s what Hadzik did.

Agget has several things he loves and hates in this world. The things he loves are food, gold pieces, and an egg he found amongst the dwarven ruins several weeks ago. The things he hates includes: dogs, orcs, most dwarves, horses, acid, poison, snow beasts, and carrying heavy things.

Agget "Aggy" of the Hadzik Clan

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