• 2 Aidan

    2 Aidan

    Elf wizard that kicks ass and chews bubble gum.
  • 2 Brazeloin

    2 Brazeloin

    "Everything dies. You, me. Everyone on this planet. In the multiverse. This is simply how things are. It's inevitable... and I chose to defy it."
  • 2 Glimfarn

    2 Glimfarn

    The bastard son who steals all your women and smokes all your pipeweed
  • 2 Octavar

    2 Octavar

    Dwarf rogue
  • 2 Salvior (Kalec Laurderon)

    2 Salvior (Kalec Laurderon)

    A half-elf sorcerer heir to the North
  • Madeus Lightshield

    Madeus Lightshield

    Madeus is a righteous paladin, fighting for the good of all people. Young with brown hair and blue eyes. Dons a set of full plate armor for battle and wields a longsword and shield. His knightly colors are blue and gold. Close connection to Octavar.