Chapter 11.5 INTERLUDE: The Between Years

Separate Paths

The heroes had escaped the clutches of Hell and were able to prevent the death of millions in the Serpent Coil. It turned out, however, that they had been away only for mere moments. They decided to regroup at a tavern in the Holy Paladin city. After a few drinks, they came to the conclusion that they would travel their own paths for a time, until the world needed them again.

Thus began the Between Years

The Tale of Brazeloin

Brazeloin returned to Ravenloft in order to help rebuild the town. During his time in Hell, he had a lot of time to reflect on how he had destroyed the Serpent’s Coil, and after learning that he and the adventurers could save it, he chose to spend his time and efforts rebuilding the town and atoning for his own mistakes. A year into the rebirth of Ravenloft, he was asked to meet with the Successors. They had come upon some disturbing research that they had thought the Heroes would be interested in. However, during the meeting, he felt a disturbing presence surging around his body. In a split second, he found himself with his left hand tightening around the neck of Henry Creval, his mentor. Without hesitation, Brockon had severed the arm. When Brazeloin came to, Brockon had encased the arm in a anti-magic sphere. Runes were glowing on the entire length of the arm, runes that Brazeloin remembered from his time in Vanity when he had been tortured into creating a Mithral Golem infused with Sacred Magicks.

After his wounds had healed, he took the arm and headed off to the last known location of Aiden. He figured that if anyone would be able to help him get to the bottom of this, it would be his brother in the arts of Alchestry. After months of travel, he arrived at the Tower of Aiden. The two of them sat down and did some research on the runes, and determined that somehow, the magicks that had carved the runes on his arm in Hell had another purpose. Someone on the Living Plane had repurposed them. Aiden took the arm into his vault of magik and returned to Brazeloin. Brazeloin then proposed to Aiden that they work on the creation of a magical prosthetic to replace the arm that Braz had lost.

The two of them spent the next 3 years in the research and development phase, and created the prosthetic. After they had done extensive tests on it, Brazeloin packed up and, in the middle of the night, left Aiden a scroll detailing that he would need his assistance at “The End of Days”.

Brazeloin spent the next 3 years on his own. He started development on an Airship. He took research that he found in New York and Hell, along with the schematics of the Phoenix and its fuel system, and combined it with arcane schools, alchestral schools, and divine schools of research. The project came to a completion right on schedule, and with his crew, Brazeloin took on the moniker of “Girart the Skylord” so as to avoid suspicion from the rest of the group, and set out to learn more about what the Successors had informed him of: that Ambitus was dying.

The next 3 years are a blank. At the end of 10 years, each hero received a mysterious scroll of summoning from Brazeloin, asking them to meet him in the Hall of Ravenloft to discuss something he had learned.



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