Chapter 7: The Flight of the Phoenix (2)

The Metal Bird Takes Wing

Chapter 7: Fire in the Sky

The heroes decided to leave Adian and Brazeloin to work on the Phoenix while the others went back to explore the rest of the caves and see if there were other methods of getting out of the mountains. As they explored, they encountered a Snow Beast, the creature that had been stalking them for days. It proved too much for Madeus, Octavar, and Glimfarn to handle, and it managed to escape, leaving them troubled. Back at the Tower however, Aiden felt that Tiki, his familiar that had tagged along with the explorers, felt a strong fear, and he and Brazeloin instantly went on the offensive. The group met back up that night, and they learned that Aiden had also discovered signs of campfire from an area below them… signs of life, perhaps?

The next morning, the trio decided to explore the caves and see if they could find a way out. After much exploration, they came upon an open area, inhabited by Kobolds. They asked to be shown where the leader of their tribe sat, and they were introduced to Hadzik of the Hadzik Clan. They told him about their troubles, and the lack of help with the Phoenix. Hadzik offered them his servent, Agget, better known as Aggy. In return, Hadzik asked for something in trade. Madeus presented him with a set of polished silver spoons, and Hadzik, who had an affinity for shiny things, took them with pleasure. The adventurers had made yet another ally.

Aggy walked with a hunch and was crippled. He also carried with him a dragons egg, which the adventurers identified as a pseudo-dragon. Aggy cared for the egg more than anything! And soon, Madeus and the group would come to accept Aggy as a vital asset, but not Aiden.

When the explorer group made their way to the camp, they discovered that it was a group of scavenger dwarves… one of which Octavar managed to take hostage. A scuffle ensued, leaving most of the dwarves dead, with two making it away, alive… for now. The three made their way back to the tower, where the builders had the Phoenix close to completion.

Upon arrival, the trio saw that the Phoenix was restored to its almost-former glory. However, the adventurers heard a commotion from outside, and moved to the top of the tower to investigate. They saw that a large army of dwarves had amassed at the base of the tower, and were attempting to siege it. To make matters worse, a herd of the Snow Beasts arrived on the scene and scaled the tower, engaging the group in combat. Madeus and Aiden managed to keep the beasts at bay while Octavar and Glimfarn helped to destroy ropes and siege ladders that the dwarves were using. Brazeloin descended the tower and made the final adjustments on the Phoenix and raised it up for launch.

The sky above their head rumbled with unholy thunder. Snow and lightning fell from the skies while the sound of thunder was deafening to the ears. However, the group managed to get the Phoenix up in the air and made their way away from Silver Reach, and in the nic of time as well. The storm above the mountain, the group flying towards Ravenloft, and the ring of Albatros…. all the gears were falling into place.



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