Chapter 6: The Flight of the Phoenix

A Saga of Fire and Ice

Chapter 6: The Flight of the Phoenix

Part 1: Ice and Ashes

Madeus, Brazeloin, Glimfarn, Aiden and Octovar emerge from the depths of the Dwarven Kingdom to find themselves in an open, arena looking area of the mountains. Salvior had somehow dissipated on the ascent, but the adventurers knew he would be safe, no matter where fate took him. The weather seemed to be holding itself off for the time being, but for how long…? They attempted to find shelter in a coal mine shaft, but they were ambushed and had to move on. They eventually found shelter inside the mountains other chambers, eventually finding their way to a large tower that seemed to sit at the center of the bowl. The group found themselves staring at it longingly for a moment every time they approached it, and made the decision to enter it and determine its secrets.

During the trek up the tower, Brazeloin seemed to develop a headache, but put it aside to continue the expedition. After facing traps and trials, they made it to the 4th floor of the spire, where upon using the mechanisms located there, they discovered a flying machine. This discovery caused Brazeloin to almost pass out, as his contact with the blue stone in the gear room of the Dwarven Dam had given him the charge of Albatros, and he was experiencing memories and feelings that the old Cleric had felt before.

That night, the group determined that they would need to try and repair the flying machine if they were to have a chance of escaping. This task fell upon Aiden and Brazeloin, as their Alchemical training had given them the necessary and basic skills needed to try and repair it, and Glimfarn and Madeus offered to return to the tunnels and search for more materials for the Alchemists to use for repairs, and Octovar was to stay behind and protect them.

However, that night……….

Fatum Carver spoke in their dreams again that night. The story told to the group was that of the Heroes visit to the tower they resided in. It was revealed to them that there were originally two flying machines, and that the one they had with them was the Phoenix. Its wrecked state was due to being attacked on take-off, where the Kolbolds had shot it down. The pilot, Saiker Calum, attempted to escape the failing craft and made it, however, his finger was shot and severed, and his ring (given to him by Albatros) fell back to the tower below as they made their escape.

The next morning, the adventurers made it to the roof of the tower. The view was majestic… they could see far off to different reaches of the Serpent Coil. On the ground, they discovered a bone that looked to be that of a finger, and on it sat a red ruby ring. They believed it to be the ring of Albatros and Saiker, and they decided to hold on to it for safe keeping.

What awaits our heroes as they make the repairs and attempt to make it off the mountain…?

To Be Continued…..



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